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Custom Products and Platforms designed to enhance your customer experience. Indulge your audience in business growth.

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Techkopra is on a mission of creating user-centric products that are design-led and interactive.

Begin your Digital Transformation with us.

We get to the roots of users’ problems and explore the ideas which are delivered as products. With meaningful options, we bring the most impactful products and platforms to our customers.

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TechKopra brings ideas that can bring life to both visual and technical design.

We strongly believe that design is the language that makes product development into an essential resource for sales.

With the blend of agile technology, creativity, and experience we get rid of all the challenges faced by the users. We maximize efficiencies and bring a successful solution that can improve conversion and user experience.


Experience Design
The evaluative goal of any business is based upon its outsider analytics and that's what we take care of. We take a full round of your business for prototyping and UX Strategy validation.
  • UX Strategy
  • Usability Audit
  • Product Mock-up
Digital Commerce
Developing technologically smart e-commerce strategies for ages, we have moved past every data for customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Digital eCommerce Strategy
  • Consistent improvisations
  • Updated Digital Experience
Product Development
Our team of experts just knows the right way to accelerate the development of products that are futuristic as well as scalable for your business growth and prospect.
  • Worldwide Product Design and Development
  • Product Innovation
  • Product Market Fit Ideation
Data Analytics and Insights
Streamline your business processes with highly innovative data Analytics services to help your customers achieve a digital experience like never before.
  • Data Visualization
  • Analytical Strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Digital Transformation
We understand how your world changes in a spin with the upgrading technology. But relying on us can help. With our data-driven team, modernize your products and give them a Digital Transformation.
  • Customized Digitization and Experience
  • Technological Modernization
  • Accelerated Digitization
Digital Experience Platforms
With the ongoing changes in digital technology, your business needs ongoing improvements. We touchpoint every aspect of your business to create a digital experience platform for revenue-driving results.
  • Personalized multi-channel experience
  • Digital Customer Strategy
  • Customized Digital Platforms


Design Thinking

Thinking is first and foremost. Also, the last and most important. We start with brainstorming and Design Thinking to ideate your idea and define it into a profitable user business. This critical storm allows us to empathize with your numbers into revenue-generating systems.

Agile Methodology

Our next leading step is exploring your prospects and materializing your insights. We set your priorities straight and narrow down your business solution from multiple viable options. With daily scrum meetings, we drive a dynamic process to scale your solution in markets.

Lean Startup Mindset

We understand that the biggest risk in any startup is a market risk rather than a technological or a financial risk. And thus our assorted team of designers and developers concentrate on conceptualizing the most efficient use of resources to market risk.

“We justify your idea and build it into a user-centric deep-dive business solution.”


TechKopra has been trusted by the world’s leading businesses to amaze them with UI/UX and technologically advanced developments. Watch out what global enterprises have to say about TechKopra.


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