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Seasoned and mature leadership

Praveen was endowed with keen business sense and a sharp acumen for technology as a child. In his growing years, Pravin explored the potential of the internet and found it interesting and engaging. The worldwide web instilled a strong passion for tech venture in Praveen. His college days were peppered with successful business consultations he did for local and small business houses.



To gain first-hand experience of the technology landscape, Praveen worked for five years in the tech industry. He was fortunate to be associated with the rollout of the mobile apps in its nascent stage.

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Founded in:2014

TechKopra Logo

Praveen founded Techkopra six years back with a clear objective of ensuring the business success of Clients.

Based on his consulting skills, excellent communication skills, and technological prowess, he could transform his clients' ideas into lucrative digital reality. With an extensive list of successful rollouts, Techkopra enjoyed financial success eventually.

Never say Die – Team

In a journey of more than a decade now, Praveen has forged a robust, handpicked team and partnered with the best professionals of the industry in

Various domains of Design

  • Architectural
  • technology suggestions
  • Project Managers
  • Coding skills
  • Business Analysts
  • DevOps
  • Quality Managers
  • Customer Success Managers and Consultants.

They stop at nothing but success.

They have implemented successful solution across the sectors to include retail, digital commerce, internet services, logistics, supply chain management, analytics.

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We seek challenges; success follows automatically

Delivery par expectations

Delivery par expectations

Customer expectations are never the end objectives in Techkopra. They are the beginning. We endeavour and strive to deliver beyond expectation. Client engagement for us is an ongoing lifetime process, with continual service improvement and enhancement commitments from us.

Technology for people

Technology for people

Techkopra deploys the best of the strategy, process and tools to see your customer delighted. We value and focus on people: Your customer and You. We strongly believe that technology and process are means to serve people and not an end in itself.


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To begin an endless journey of success and satisfaction.

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