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TechKopra is a software development company focused on Blockchain Solutions, Enterprise SAAS, and Mobile Apps. It is an initiative by some of the leading industry veterans having decades of experience in successfully delivering and executing projects.

TechKopra is utilizing the power of Permissioned Private Blockchain Technologies such as Hyperledger, Corda, Quorum, Multichain, etc. to devise and develop superior technological solutions for streamlining business processes.

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Vision / Our Mission

To be the world-class provider of technology solutions around the globe, and differentiate ourselves by delivering world-class products.

To help business in upgrading to new technologies for enhanced data security and better productivity.

We endeavor to use technology as a tool to make the B2B business ecosystem:


Only verified users with whitelisted I.P. address can join a Permissioned Blockchain Network, eliminating the chances of exposing confidential data to an outsider.


All the transactions done on a Blockchain network is visible to all the authentic nodes (computer connected in the network). Doing a transaction such as sending money or even a message, is impossible without other members knowing about it.


The information stored on the Blockchain is in the form of Cryptographic Hash, which is impossible to alter. It can be accessed only by the person it is intended for.


A copy of the database is stored on all the nodes and not on a central server. Thus, even if a node (computer) fails, the network remains operational.


Since all the concerned members of an organization are on the Blockchain network, taking permission, verification, negotiation, settlement, etc. is far quicker than exchanging physical paper documents.


The data of Enterprise SAAS applications can be accessed from anywhere from multiple devices, facilitating on-the-go workforce


The SAAS cloud model doesn’t require the purchase of expensive hardware and the services are delivered over the internet based on a metering system.

TechKopra wants to spearhead the Blockchain revolution and explore the different dimensions in which it can be implemented for a mutually beneficial business ecosystem for all. With the experience of dealing with clients from various geographies, TechKopra has the problem-solving approach where the first question to be answered is - whether application of the Blockchain would be beneficial for the business or not?

Team Work

TechKopra team consist of more than 20 techno-functional professionals, including front-end developers, business analyst, consultants, business managers and back-end developers. Our cross-domain experts can pinpoint pain areas and suggest cost-effective solutions. We believe in upgrading ourselves at a pace faster than the market, and we have been doing R&D in the emerging technologies like Blockchain. We value teamwork and welcome opinion from every member of the team. Apart from experienced professionals, we also have young energetic minds which bring new ideas to the table.

Blockchain Developers – 5+

Angular JS/Node JS – 5+

Consultants and Others – 5+

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