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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Seamless, Secure and User-Friendly Cryptocurrency Wallets.

If you are looking to get your Private Blockchain solution developed, then you would require a place to safely store Cryptocurrencies or Tokens that can be easily accessed from multiple devices, but only by a user with authentic keys. An online Cryptocurrency Wallet behaves like your internet banking account. It can be accessed from anywhere with the right credential and can be utilized to store, receive and send Cryptocurrency to other wallets.


  • Protection against duplicate payments via Auto-denial feature.
  • Safeguard against hackers by not allowing them to follow users through auto-generation of new public keys for every new transaction.
  • Optional 2-factor authentication.

Why TechKopra

  • We develop Cryptocurrencies wallets that support most of the popular Cryptocurrencies and Tokens – Multi-currency Wallets.
  • Our software engineers have experience in developing complete Blockchain ecosystem and hence can suggest the right kind of Cryptocurrency wallet to suit your requirement.
  • We provide optional investment advice through our Cryptocurrency wallet apps.