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Trust Techkopra Digital ecommerce solutions to deliver an ecstatic experience to your customers in terms of usability, agility, intuitiveness and unmistakable value delivery process. A single product/single platform or omnichannel presence, we have you covered every way moving towards digital transformation

eCommerce Game plan

eCommerce Game plan

“ Hit the Bull’s eye, every time!”

Are you wondering how to find your way into the digital maze? Allow us to set the trail. Your customers are the focus when we forge an all-inclusive, all-season strategy for branding, effective digital marketing, compulsive storytelling, impeccable and scalable product development, along with the highly secure and optimized back-office workflow of your digital enterprise.

Our erudite team of business analysts and technical architects ensure synchronized and seamless working of your digital eCommerce website in B2B or B2C environments. Along with the most advanced toolkit, we bring unparalleled skill and enviable competence to catapult your eCommerce website into the orbit of success.

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Personalized Digital Experiences

“Stand exclusive and inimitable in your own signature style.”

Wondering about how to translate your physical personality digitally? Trust us with the transition.

The strive is to develop a digital experience design with style, grace and utility blended with customer expectation and ensure a rapt customer engagement. Together we can synergize to create a personalized digital experience platform for the customers. It will ensure greater brand loyalty, a wider customer base, a more robust data bank and skyrocketing revenue for your organization.

We endeavor to build your eCommerce venture seamlessly integrated with your business process and philosophy, resulting in secure user interaction and a glitch-free smooth purchase experience. We are committed to satisfying all your customized eCommerce experience expectations.

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Personalized Digital Experiences
Retail Optimization with Data Analytics

Retail Optimization with Data Analytics

“Stop guessing and predict the future.”

Online shopping is split-second decisions by the customers in a highly dynamic ecosystem. It is humanly inconceivable to predict customers behavior and decision matrix. Our real-time and intuitive data analytics input, in easy to understand format, will help you stay ahead of the customer's move and lead the engagement to a successful conclusion.

Pertinent data analytics and insights can help you develop the right kind of loyalty programs, promotions schemes or any other market development or consolidation strategy with greater accuracy and better results.

Ongoing Improvements

“Get better day by day.”

We understand your objective to be at the forefront of the peer group. As you focus on your core business and sweat to ensure customer satisfaction, we shall be happy to keep the digital platform abreast in the technological evolution with the latest tools and techniques employing the latest eCommerce Website & Software Development Solutions. Our programmers and the technical support team will ensure the eCommerce platform's peak performance and necessary security considerations. Trust us to manage your digital platform at par with your expectation and beyond.

Ongoing Improvements

Our Services

Multivendor or Multi-Seller Marketplace

Multivendor or Multi-Seller Marketplace

Intuitive, multi-characteristic, multi-vendor marketplace perfectly synchronized for B2B or B2C configuration. Designed to enhance traffic and conversions. Adept and skillful order and shipping management along with impeccable vendor governance.

Multi store Marketplace

Multi store Marketplace

For that outstanding customer reach and better ROI. Versatile dashboard to manage shipping, inventory and offers for all stores. Better business with higher ratings.

B2B Commerce

B2B Commerce

Establish a dedicated B2B presence enriched with progressive and value-added features. For better returns and ease of operation, it can be integrated with your existing portal.

Multilingual Portals / Multicurrency Portals

Multilingual Portals / Multicurrency Portals

Penetrate the international markets and multiply your customer reach with multilingual websites for better connection and interaction. Support it with a multi-currency payment facility and boost your revenue. IP based pricing for better returns and multi-lingual dashboards for efficient management.

Mobile Commerce – Mobile apps and PWA

Unleash your creativity and concretize path-breaking business ideas into mobile apps or Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Offer exemplary brand experience to your customers with inventive and scalable solutions.

Custom Application

Communicate your brand differentiation and unique promise through customised application for better impact, recall and mutually beneficial conclusions. Stand out with your novel proposition.

Single Brand Portal

Single Brand Portal

Elevate your brand for greater visibility and acceptance in the national and international scenario. Achieve increased customer visits leading to better conversions with single brand portals.

Logistic integration / Payment Integration

Logistic integration / Payment Integration

Experience the seamless integration of logistics and payment integration for better monitoring and control. A smooth, hassle-free experience for the customer and strong backend integration for you.

Hyperlocal eCommerce Stores

For better satisfaction to the customer and increased market size, forge Hyperlocal eCommerce. Onboard provincial partners and stores to offer geo-local products and services to the customers. Offer a distinctive mix of enticing products, promotional offers, logistic services at different locations.

We justify your idea and build it into a user-centric deep-dive business solution.

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