eCommerce Customer Journey Mapping


    To win more customers, you have to think like a customer—and that’s not quite as easy as it sounds. While it’s tempting to imagine that you know how customers interact with your brand in a simple, linear path (e.g., Google search → Website → Order Button), failing to understand their journey can lead to abandoned shopping carts, failure to achieve repeat business, bad reviews, and all kinds of missed opportunities. When you struggle to convert visitors or receive repeat business, you need to identify the root cause. Do your product descriptions fall short? Is an inferior User Interface negatively impacting the customer experience? Is it something else? An eCommerce customer journey map helps answer all these questions. An essential practice for online retailers, eCommerce customer journey mapping helps you track the steps your customers follow when finding your website or app, making a purchase, and returning later for additional purchases. Journey maps help identify the impediments across every touchpoint, on each device, and they enable you to understand your visitors’ psychology. Ultimately, this empowers businesses to mend and improve any broken parts of the customer experience that they might’ve skipped during the ecommerce development.