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Smart Contract Development

Intelligently Coded Smart Contract to Automate Business Processes

Manual Intervention can be the cause of redundancy and delays in business processes.

Smart Contracts contain conditional statements that get executed when exposed external data inputs. This means certain commands can be executed without manual intervention which helps in significantly increasing the speed and accuracy of execution of the processes.


Ethereum Smart Contracts: By executing Smart Contract on Ethereum Blockchain, you can trigger data reads & writes. You can also send data to other Smart Contracts for heavy computations.

Hyperledger Smart Contracts: Smart Contracts are central elements of Hyperledger and are implemented by ‘chaincode’ which can be written in any mainstream programming language.

Why TechKopra

  • We offer custom made templates to choose from for your Smart Contracts
  • Run Smart Contracts without the need to install external tools or software
  • We built bugs-free, scalable Smart Contracts to match your business requirement